That has become my mantra in the last few years no matter what I do or attempt to do. I used to be all about the end result and very strategic about how I got there. I was always more interested in "getting it done." That may have been a result of working hard and being very goal oriented. I am still goal oriented but have taken a different approach. I now wait for inspiration and know that there are opportunities at every turn if I am willing to look. I have found time to meditate each morning, swim 5 days a week, and be more mindful of each moment. I find that I now have changed my mindset to make sure that no matter what I'm doing, or who I'm doing it with, my goal is to have fun and look for joy in every moment. The great thing is that through this process, I catch myself much earlier for signs of stress and take care of that quickly.  Photography has helped me in that pursuit as well. I look forward to going out on the trails or back roads and just seeing what there is to see. I now breathe and take in the scene around me, looking at all that's there, knowing that if I relax and have done the preparation both mentally and physically all will be well and beautiful scenes unfold before me. Staying relaxed and really noticing my surroundings and letting myself "be" in nature or the scene helps me stay grounded.  A book that I have found helpful in staying inspired is "The Practice of Contemplative Photography" by Andy Karr and Michael Wood. I hope you pursue whatever you find interesting or exciting with a playful joyful attitude. Enjoy the journey!